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Two guys with a dream. One who had been thinking about a business like this for a long time, but never quite had the time. 

One day the second guy is approached by three sisters, who wanted to be part of a magical journey they could help build. At first, they thought about doing it themselves, but as Fate would have it, the two guys they approached were so happy to have made their connection, they were willing to foot the bill, and the three sisters were willing to participate in whatever way they were needed, as long as there was a place like it in Lebanon, Missouri, a place that was in desperate need of some......... well..........some magic.........

So then, the three sisters told us a story, about their mother, and about an orange suitcase she had, they all knew about it growing up. When their mother passed, they all felt the power of her passing and each of them gained a bit of power from her. She had gifted it to them. And in turn, they were adamant about sharing their energies and gifts and knowledge with others. When they opened their mother's suitcase, they literally found a Pandora's box of her magical journey.

And so.........

The Orange Suitcase

is born.

Family built, Family run. Hopefully we will grow into a fully energetic, healing and knowledgeable, metaphysical outlet that will be here to serve Lebanon, Missouri and the surrounding area for years to come.

The Orance Suitcase
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